I am Taresh Bhatia, a Financial Freedom Specialist.

I am the author of “The Richness Principles”, now a best-seller on Amazon. As a financial freedom specialist, I help individuals and families to be financially free. In addition, I am a consultant to those seeking freedom from money worries. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Pro, specialising in fee-based financial planning and investment advisory.

Thousands of people have benefitted from this webinar.

Taresh Bhatia

Hi! I am Taresh Bhatia

I am father to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, whose mother he has been in love with for 28 years.

A truth I have never told anyone! I went broke three times and started wondering what was going wrong! Which made me learn the best about personal finance. I then went on to do the highest qualification in the world in personal finance-CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Pro- called CFP.

As a motivational and keynote speaker, I have given many speeches at corporate, colleges, and institutions and judged many events as a panellist.

I coach and educate people on various aspects of money, financial planning and how to lead a rich, wealthy and happy life.

Having helped thousands of people organize their financial life, I am on a mission to transform how India looks at money, thereby triggering a financial revolution.
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Taresh has done his post-graduation from one of India's leading management institute: International Management Institute, New Delhi

Certified Financial Planner Pro

My webinars and live online courses attract people not only from India but from across the world. In addition, I am the creator of the "Richness Principles" courses online.

The Richness Principles

I am the author of The Richness Principles, now a best-seller on Amazon. The book gives insights on how a common man can become affluent by following simple guidelines. 

A Video Profile of Taresh Bhatia

Trusted by Happy Customers

Trusted and believed by thousands of satisfied customers

I retired from the Army with a handsome amount of remuneration on retirement. I am not a very financial person, and this brought me tension! There were hundreds of pieces of advice; I was convinced I would have to take the advice of a financial doctor- a Certified Financial Advisor. That was the time an Army colleague introduced me to Mr Taresh Bhatia. During our interaction, Taresh seemed to know his Business and was logical and convincing. We went through my Goals and risk appetite scientifically, and an investment plan was made. I am so happy that my hard-earned money was well cared for and the returns on my investment are showing. Tareshji takes a good care of the portfolio and does an interim review of all investment . I am very satisfied and happy with my financial state.

Col Munish Bhanot

Ex Army

Before I met Taresh my investment pattern was not systematic and not linked to any financial plan or goals. This gave a lot of insecurity whether the savings or investment made were right and sufficient to meet the forthcoming expenses, especially during the retirement phase

Taresh helped me systematically list my expenses and goals and allot a financial value and time frame to them. Linking the investment to these financial goals with instruments based on my risk-taking ability helped to prepare a prudent and transparent financial plan. 

I am more confident about meeting my goals in the future and this has reduced the anxiety on this account.Further the financial education recieved during various interactions with Taresh has improved my insight on financial topics helping me to make an informed decision

Sunil Lalla

Retired as a Tech Consultant

For our family, goals of child education and retirement were very important. We are very happy with the services of Taresh as a planner. Taresh was very clear in the understanding of client goals and monitored the funds closely to achieve those goals. Also, customer-friendly reports are shared with the clients on a timely basis for them to be aware of the fund's performance. His approach and communications are excellent.

How did Taresh help?

1. Helped us understand the market.

2. Clearly defined insurance insured amount and why.

3. Investment basis our risk appetite.

4. Daily/ yearly reports on our investment.

Impact on money life.

1. Portfolio growing slowly and steadily.

2. Saving money for clear defined goals.

3. Adequate insurance for peace of mind.

Ankita & Dinesh Rathod

Senior Consultant

I have been associated with Taresh Bhatia and his firm Advantage Financial Planning for their services for the last 5 years. I have invested my retirement corpus with their assistance; which has given me more than double the returns than any banking investment.

Col. Anand Kumar Kammanni

Retired Indian Army Officer

Taresh is a seasoned Financial Advisor who has helped me in putting together a financial data sheet which gives a comprehensive view of my assets, loans, investments, income and expenses.

Krishnan H Iyer


 Q: What issues you faced before you met Taresh: I was feeling directionless with my finances, didn’t have goals or a plan

Q: How did Taresh help you: Taresh helped me understand the fundamentals of financial planning, helped me introspect on what mattered to me financially and how I should plan my finances to live a life of my choice 

Q: What impact does it have on your money life today: my money life is disciplined, and I have clarity 

Sweta Padma Mishra 

Senior HR Professional

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How my book was launched

Launched on 23rd, 24th and 25th January, for the general public, press, client and other financial Planners in Mumbai.

The Richness Masterclass real-life workshop feedback

While my workshops were held in physical form, these workshops attracted the young and the old.

Investor Awareness Workshop conducted by Taresh

An Investor Awareness Workshop was conducted for the general public. 

Investor Awareness for your Personal Finance

What are the basics of personal finance? What is its importance and core issues of financial planning? Explained in 15 minutes in this video.

START Financial Planning to make all Dreams come true

With a 360 view of your personal finances, get unbiased opinions and an all-inconclusive comprehensive financial plan.



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