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How to Develop your Richness Principles in less than 90 minutes 

For those 

Who Deserve to be Rich!

To think, learn, adapt 

and then adopt 

an Enriched Life full of 

Wealth and Wisdom


Taressh Bhatia

Financial Freedom Specialist

What You Will Learn?

The Richness Mindset 

How to overcome your false money beliefs, develop the right thoughts and make your Mindset

Useful Skills

How to effectively get the right skills to be Rich: in Less Than 90 days

Get the best tools

How to Get the best and appropriate tools that you currently would need to equip yourself to be rich/to Start becoming rich

Success Stories

What can you learn from the webinar?

This Masterclass creates a new opportunity- it is as simple as making a new way for your dreams; to achieve your desired result.

A new opportunity to help you play on your desire for the change you want in your life.

How to get rid of your limiting beliefs.

How to overcome your false money beliefs, develop the right thoughts and make your Mindset

How to make small changes in your life to welcome bigger, better changes.

How to effectively get the right skills to be Rich: in Less Than 90 days

How to develop a "Richness mindset"

The Masterclass creates an opportunity switch by moving your current mindset to better opportunities, by giving you a better platform

How to set financial goals and then stick to them

Our job as the expert is to guide you to your dreams- a journey of both achievement and transformation.

Changing the Way, You Think Rich!

Creating a new way for your dreams

An Enriched Life. Living a life on your own Principles. Learning, adapting and then living them your way. 

Changing the Way You Think Rich!

the MAsterclass gives you a chance to become the king of your Rich Kingdom and have the biggest impact on your own life.

Discover trends

A new opportunity, to help you play on your desire for the change you want in your Life.

How to Enrich Your Wisdom, Finances & Yourselves

Richness Principle People are passionate about getting their individualised principles.

By the end of this webinar, you will —

Have a very clear idea of how to become rich as quickly as possible, look at yourself in a new positive light and get ready to embrace a life of joy, happiness and financial safety. 

The mood objective of the webinar

... is to get a realistic sense of your values and principles. Ready to build your customised principles, on your journey to riches? You will go back with an immense sense of clarity.

Why attend this webinar?

You will be able to identify the need for developing your own Richness Principles

See new opportunities

The opportunities to grow your money and become rich are all around you. You will learn to see them.

Develop money-friendly habits

Develop a lifestyle and adopt life choices that attract money instead of repelling it.

Embrace joy

You will accept the fact that you deserve to be happy and rich in life and there is little to stop you.

Build confidence in yourself

Becoming rich has got a lot to do with

what you think of yourself and how confident and sure you feel.


What customers say

When I met Taressh he explained me how I could get benefits from mutual fund. Now all my financial goals are cleared

Shivani & Sachin Bhatnagar

Successful Married Coulple

Introduced me to systematic financial planning based on Goals I want to achieve, time horizon and risk profile with complete transparency .

Sunil Lalla

Retired from Corporate Life

From the workshop, understood how my money will work better for me and why I should discard my old money beliefs

Dr Sidharth Bhatia


If you have heard about the book, The Rich Dad, Poor Day, then read the Indian Version of that book -The Richness Principles

Nitin Soni

Book Publisher, CA

Meet Taresh The Coach

Author | Mentor| Coach| Speaker | Entrepreneur | Financial Planner | Creator|

A Successful, Happy Married Man

About Taresh

Taresh is a doting father to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, and is still deeply in love with their mother.

There is a fact about Taressh that he hid from everyone for many years. He has gone broke thrice in life, and as a natural consequence, started wondering what he was doing wrong? In his quest to find the right answer, he delved into the world of personal finance.

He knew that the only way to master his finances was to go for the highest qualification in the world in personal finance. He became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM, popularly known as CFP.

He has an MBA from the IMI Institute, New Delhi.

He is the Founder and Partner of Advantage Financial Planners LLP, which is registered with SEBI as a "Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)".

After bidding his financial troubles goodbye for good, after getting a mastery over what works and what doesn't in the field of personal finance and richness mindset, he has started helping individuals and families rid themselves of financial worries and attain happier lives.

So far, he has helped thousands of individuals.

Now he has a mission. He wants to transform the way people in India look at money. He wants to initiate a financial revolution in the country. Every workshop is a stepping stone not just for him, but all the participants. He has squeezed his 32 years of experience and 5 years of research into his labour of love, the book he has written – The Richness Principles. It is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Taressh has spent the past two decades closely studying individuals who have generated immense wealth in a matter of a few years.

He regularly organizes workshops in which he shares his wisdom, insights and experience, especially the "12 Golden Principles" that have created hundred scores of millionaires in India and abroad.

How the Richness Masterclass Workshop came to be?

After going through successive financial problems, Taressh wanted to look for permanent answers to his questions. He was sure that there was a set of principles that, if followed, could lead to great financial well-being and stability. For more than two decades, he closely studied individuals – entrepreneurs, businessmen and pioneers – who created fortunes for themselves and for people close to them. What were they doing, he continuously asked himself, that he wasn't doing? 

His hard work paid off, and he now unearthed the famous "12 Golden Principles". These principles became his guiding lights. Of course, it took him years to fine tune these principles to their present perfection. 

He applied these principles to his own life and became rich, happy and content. Then he thought, if he had benefited so much from these golden principles, others could benefit too.

First, he started helping people who were close to him and observed how their fortunes turned for better when they applied his principles. Gradually he started imparting his wisdom to bigger groups and soon, the venture evolved into the Richness Masterclass Workshop through which, he now desires to change the way people in India think about making money and sustaining effluence. It's a revolution in the making.

Who should attend the Richness Masterclass Webinar?

Anybody who is serious about becoming rich and financially secure but is feeling confused and direction-less. Despite all the failures and struggles you have faced, you want to become rich NOW, when you can enjoy and when you can see your family enjoy your accumulated wealth. You don't want to wait for many years. You are looking for a legitimate, trustworthy, practical and workable money making solution. You're going to get it in this workshop.

NOTE —The Richness Masterclass Workshop is for those individuals who are craving to get rich. They are ready to work systematically towards their financial success but at the same time they want faster results. They want to attain financial success while they can enjoy it and leave behind a legacy on which their children can build their future.


Young, married couples who want to build their lives on a solid financial ground.

Individuals and families

Individuals who want to plan their child’s education and marriage.

Buying or selling Your house

People who are planning to buy or sell a house for short-term and long- term investment.

Planning Children's Education

Individuals who want to plan their child’s education and marriage.

Debt Reduction

People who want to reduce or eliminate their debt.

Planning Retirement

People who want to plan their retirement.

My goal for this presentation is to help two types of people. 

For those who are beginners, you’ll be able to develop Your individualised principles and then invest, reap the benefits and live a life which is full of abundance, joy and happiness. 

For more experienced people, you’ll get a better path defining your principles to now live a better life ahead. 

If you are a salaried individual,- young married couple

you’ll get secrets to a better money life from my presentation, but if you a senior professional in your 50’s, you’ll get get a better path defining your principles to now live a better life ahead, from the presentation.

The Goal of the webinar is:

If I can make you believe that this Richness Masterclass is key to living a life that you deserve of Richness, but it is attainable only through developing Your individualised principles, then this webinar is for you.

Richness Masterclass is the key to:

unlock to live a life that you deserve of Richness, and I’m going to show you my proprietary frameworks that will make it simple for you to achieve that result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few pointers before you attend this webinar.

Is this webinar only for people with money to invest?

No! Even though you may not have money to invest, first know what you want in life, and what are your goals,. This webinar will be very useful if you are open, coachable and willing to learn new ideas.

How long will this session be and what all will be covered?

This interactive webinar will go on for about 2 hours. Taresh has a very powerful way of sharing complex concepts in a very simple way. You will learn all the aspects of how to plan, and develop your Richness Principles in the next 90 days.

How should I prepare myself before the webinar?

If you are serious about becoming rich and wealthy, bookmark your calendar and attend the webinar from start to finish without any distractions. Make sure you are sitting in a quiet place with a notepad, pen, and paper handy. 

Can a non-financial person also become a rich and wise?

The webinar is conducted in simple English and no jargon used. Very simple communication. As long as you are eager to learn and implement the knowledge, you will benefit from this webinar. 

Do I have to share any of my personal financial life?

No, nothing to share from your personal life. All your information remains confidential. 

Will you be offering any paid programs in the webinar?

Yes. Taresh will talk about membership in The Richness Academy at the end of the webinar. If you resonate with this concept and wish to continue on the learning journey, you can grab the special offer that will be given only in the webinar.

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